Our Infrastructure

The heart of any infertility centre is its IVF LAB. Our IVF lab and OT are built on antimicrobial bio clad clean room concept. We are the first in Karnataka and among few in India to use bio clad wall panelling which is a patented technology from England. This is to achieve highest sterilization standards inside lab and operation theatre. Our equipments are of highest standards and quality which are technology enabled so as to live stream the ICSI procedure to counselling room for the benefit of patient relatives.

We are equipped with Andrology Workstation to do semen analysis and processing which has mini incubator to store sample and technology to live stream or record sperm motility to the patient to ensure transparency.

Centre has separate operation theatre for doing day care procedures like diagnostic and operative laparoscopy or hysteroscopy and surgical retrieval of sperm. We are equipped with latest Anaesthesia workstation and modern patient monitoring system.

Recovery Room

Centre has 3-5 bed recovery room with oxygen and monitoring facility.

We have in-house laboratory to do all infertility related blood investigations.

Centre is equipped with ultrasound machine with Colour Doppler to do scanning for both male and female infertility patients.

Astheticaly designed comfortable separate private room provided for semen collection.

Centre has separate well furnished 2 bed IUI Room.

As it is essential to counsel the infertile couple as much as treating them, centre has separate counselling room well equipped with audio visual aids.