“Life finds its way”... that way begins here at Bhoomi IVF Centre.

‘Bhoomi’, the Mother Earth, the cradle of all life forms, the place that not only creates life, but also sustains and nourishes.

The most beautiful and ecstatic feeling an individual can ever have is the feeling of parenthood with the birth of his or her child. To look at the beauty, the mystery of what is truly a gift from heaven above and have a glimpse of the divine in one’s own child when born is the most rapturous sensation above everything in life, above everything ever known to man. Bhoomi IVF Centre is committed to seeing this happen to those needy couple.
The word ‘child’ itself evokes warm, passionate, many times unexplainable feelings in all of us. When our child is born, we feel that we ourselves are born again. The magical privilege of parenthood is a blessed one. Yet due to unforeseen factors, for many this privilege does not happen that easily. For many reasons such as medical, social or occupational, ‘the child’ may not come to life for these eligible couples. Today medical science has evolved to a great extent and has made the dream of having a child a possibility when it had seemed not possible for certain childless couple for various reasons. To assist these couples, to educate them and guide them in the right direction best for them, Team Bhoomi has evolved system of the most advanced technology coupled with able doctors and a simple and honest ethic to work on trust, transparency and technology to make that child happen, to make that dream a sure fire reality.

Our Team

Dr. Kasturi G

Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Infertility Specialist

Dr. Srinivas B V

Andrologist and Male Infertility Specialist

Dr. Jayadev B