Dr. Srinivas B V
Andrologist and Male Infertility Specialist

Dr. Srinivas B V is a senior Consultant Andrologist and Urologist based in Bangalore. After completing his course in Masters in General Surgery from St John’s Medical College , Bangalore in the year 2006 and Diploma of National Board (DNB ) in Urology From NU Trust, Bangalore in the year 2010, he completed Fellowship in Andrology and Men’s Health at Ankur Health Care Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore from 2011-2012.

A keen academician, he has to his credit papers published in many international indexed journals. His paper on effect of Varicocelectomy on Hypogonadism was published in International journal of endocrinology and his paper on effect of Electromagnetic radiation from mobile on human ejaculated semen was published in International Journal of Infertility and Foetal Medicine. His papers on Penile fracture at crura of penis without urethral involvement and Penile lengthening procedure with V-Y advancement flap and an interposing silicone sheath were published in Indian journal of Urology. A confident Andrologist and Uro-Surgeon, has always strived for improvements and better research in the field of Andrology.